Consider Micro Influencers

ivfluencerWhen you’re evaluating what type of influencer is right for your program, don’t overlook micro-influencers.

Too often, brands become hyper-focused on an influencer’s following. However, the audience size of these individuals is of secondary importance to the authenticity of the match they provide for your program.

Research finds that “while the influencers with a large following are useful, greater loyalty is found with the mid-grade influencers who have a smaller network of followers, allowing for relationship building.”

Think of it this way: while you may follow a celebrity because you admire their lifestyle, you know that cannot realistically achieve that lifestyle. But, if you follow a mommy-grammer in another city, you could very well mimic her DIY lamp, arrange your furniture the way that she does, or serve your kids the same brand of juice she recommends.

In many ways her recommendation is more valuable than the celebrity’s.


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